Friday, July 17, 2009


True friendship is a curious thing. One of the things I like so much about traveling is the ability to maintain relationships with friends from the past. Admittedly, Facebook and email and cell phones have changed the way we maintain friendships in general, compared to when I was a kid or teen. And, I have to admit I even appreciate and use those technological tools. But all the on-line talking, posting, or texting you might do, just isn’t the same as looking into someone’s eyes as you are talking and listening. Traveling allows you to reconnect with people Face-to-Face and that is Such a different animal.

Yesterday, I had lunch with an old friend from theatre days in college. After college, we went our separate ways, reconnected while living in the same city for several years, then she moved out east here to live in DC. We email occasionally, and check out each others’ Facebook posts, but we don’t talk on the phone or send voluminous letters back and forth.
Yet, when we get together, it’s like we saw each other yesterday even if 2 solid years have passed. We do a little bit of filling each other in on life changes that we’ve both gone through and by the end of our lunch we’re up to speed. The conversation is as comfortable and deep as it has ever been - no awkwardness, no self-monitoring – just the same level of ease and closeness as we had when living in the same town and seeing each other weekly.

This is the kind of friendship that preserves parts of you that you’ve lost or left behind, provides you with the love and support to be who you think you can in the present, and nurtures your soul throughout.

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